The Benefits of Warrior Silat in Springfield

The Benefits of Warrior Silat

What are the biggest benefits to Warrior Silat?  First and foremost, Warrior Silat is an excellent vehicle for developing life skills.  The lessons learned in Warrior Silat transition into real life change and real personal growth and development.  The life skills can be broken down into several different pieces that then all meld together as you practice Silat:


The lessons of Warrior Silat work towards balancing out the individual.  The mind, heart, and body must be balanced to have a peaceful life. 

Physical exercise

While you are practicing martial arts, you might as well get in a good workout too!  Warm-up, strengthening, and cardio are all components of Warrior Silat.

Self-defense skills

When most people think of martial arts, they think of self-defense skills.  The foundation of self-defense is awareness.  When awareness fails, Warrior Silat also has open hand skill and weapons skills.  


The Warrior Silat community is strong because the individuals work to build each other up.  The individuals in the art share knowledge to help others grow.  

Kids Martial Arts class at warrior silat

How about benefits for the kids?

Many of the benefits kids gain from Warrior Silat fall right in line with what has already been listed.  Here are a few specific benefits for the kids:

Self-defense skills

Youth students learn to defend themselves.  Special consideration is given to dealing with bullies and to not be a bully.

Increased athletic ability

Students will get physically stronger and have better balance.  Students typically have a better understanding of body mechanics, how to learn them, and how to apply them.

Increased focus

Skills practice and meditation both have their place in teaching youth students how to focus.

Increased confidence

Students naturally begin to exhibit increased confidence.   The Warrior Silat youth curriculum specifically tries to increase confidence and develop leadership skills.

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