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Benefits of Martial Arts

There are lots of benefits of training at warrior silat martial arts, and they include mental and physical benefits. If you’re considering taking up martial arts, here are the various aspects of training offered by Warrior Silat that you should know about, before you start training.

Qualified trainers

Our instructors have years of martial arts experience. Our kids and adults learn self-defense by training in our martial arts system. learn more about are instructors on our about us page!


These days, silat is a popular form of self-defense in Springfield. It was developed in Indonesia, but has become popular around the world for its combination of physical fitness and self-defense training. Want to learn more about What is silat?What is silat?

Physical Benefits

Silat training helps build self-esteem, confidence, and maturity. Many Springfield families have adopted Silat because they’ve noticed positive changes in their homes as a result of the training.

Adult and Kid Classes

Silat provides students of all ages with an opportunity to improve their coordination, balance and flexibility. In terms of self-defense, the style offers many techniques that can be used against someone who is bigger or stronger than you. Kids Self Defense classes and Adult Self Defense Classes available!

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Warrior Silat Martial Arts offers self-defense training that will give you the confidence and skills to keep you safe no matter where you are. Whether you want to lose weight or learn practical self-defense techniques, we have programs that will fit your needs. 

Our instructors have decades of experience teaching martial arts, so you can trust that you’re getting quality instruction. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, come see what we have to offer. We have several Springfield locations for our students to choose from. We have classes available for both adults and children at our Springfield, Ohio location.

Silat is an Indonesian martial art that was developed as a way to train soldiers and other fighters. Silat has been used historically as a form of military self-defense, but it’s not just for fighting. It’s also used as a recreational martial art, often practiced in conjunction with meditation or dance.


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Enrolling my son into Martial arts has been the best thing for him. My son went from playing the Xbox to engaging with other kids.
Billy H
Google Review
Guru Bart was made for teaching, he has a great energy, patience and a way to explain details that helps your learning.
Sara N
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