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What are seminars?

What are seminars? Seminars are usually 2 or 4 hour long classes that take place over the course of a weekend. These classes deal with different topics, themes, styles, or techniques as we call them. These topics can include Blade training, technique training, intro classes, Khali training, and more! Most of our seminars deals with something different. 

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Silat Seminars We Host

Silat Stick Fighting

Warrior Silat Stick Fighting takes the concepts and skills from Warrior Silat and moves them over to use with the stick. One of the difficulties of using a stick in Silat is that, often, the throws and sweeps are difficult to use. Warrior Silat shows you how to break down the distancing as well as compensate for various weapon speed factors. The class is useful for beginners and advanced martial artists. If you are interested in learning more about silat stick combative stay active on our website and social media to stay tuned for our next event!


Silat Karambit and Silat blade seminar

Our Silat Karambit and Silat blade seminars are intelligent martial art styles that can be used for self-defense, attack, and arts performance. The method of practicing in this seminar is effective, precise, comparatively easy to learn, and practical for everyday use as well as for stage and competition.

All our seminars are designed to increase your knowledge of Warrior Silat martial arts in general and to expand your personal skills in particular areas. This seminar focuses on Karambit knives, but you will also learn a great deal about the use of other blades and weapons. You do not need any previous experience or training with a knife to attend this seminar. We will teach you everything you need to know during the seminar.

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