The adult curriculum for Warrior Silat was designed to instill confidence in self-defense skills so that you can defend yourself and your family. Our goal is to assist individuals in attaining the heart, mind, and spirit of a warrior. We provide a disciplined, yet friendly, community that works together to provide personal empowerment. Warrior Silat believes that it is not only important to develop physical skills, but it is also imperative to match those physical skills with a high-standard of ethics.

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    What to expect in the Adult Martial Arts Class

    In any given Warrior Silat martial arts class you should expect to receive functional self-defense skills. Strikes, blocks, and throws and practiced in each class. Grappling and weapons are also frequently practiced to help provide a well-rounded martial arts learning experience. In our martial arts class, we focus on building confidence, self-discipline, and fitness level. Coming to a class here, you can expect to grow as a person and grow within a friendly community. ‚Äč