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Self-Defense Style Martial Arts For Adults in Springfield!


Do you want to learn how to defend yourself? Warrior Silat offers a specialized training program for adults. You will learn how to defend yourself from realistic situations. The adult curriculum for Warrior Silat was designed to instill confidence in self-defense skills so that you can defend yourself and your family. Our goal is to assist individuals in attaining the heart, mind, and spirit of a warrior. We provide a disciplined, yet friendly, community that works together to provide personal empowerment. Warrior Silat believes that it is not only important to develop physical skills, but it is also imperative to match those physical skills with a high standard of ethics. We also instruct an amazing kids martial arts in Springfield program for students younger than 13!

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SIlat Martial Arts Classes

Warrior Silat Martial Arts is a self-defense school in Springfield, Ohio. This martial arts school focuses on instilling confidence and discipline into people who enroll in the classes. In addition to learning self-defense skills, you get to be part of a like-minded community who are passionate about improving themselves as champions.

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What to expect in Adult Martial Arts classes in Springfield

In any given Warrior Silat martial arts class you should expect to receive functional self-defense skills. Strikes, blocks, and throws and practiced in each class. Grappling and weapons are also frequently practiced to help provide a well-rounded martial arts learning experience. In our martial arts class, we focus on building confidence, self-discipline, and fitness level. Coming to a class here, you can expect to grow as a person and grow within a friendly community.

1. Learn self-defense

2. Lose weight and keep it off

3. Increase confidence and get fit

4. Get in shape and push yourself

5. Be part of a family at Warrior Silat Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts

Silat is a martial art that originated in Indonesia. It features a heavy emphasis on bladed weapons and hand-to-hand combat, as well as strikes, joint manipulation, and defense. Silat is an excellent choice for self-defense. Still wondering What is Silat?

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