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About Warrior Silat

Warrior Silat is a martial art known for its straightforward effectiveness. We are located in Springfield but love to see nearby cities like Dayton, Huber Heights, Vandalia, Eaton, Xenia, and Beavercreek join us in all the fun we have! The Silat values of discipline and honor are an important part of our teachings. Warrior Silat is especially recognized for its close-quarters fighting skills so we utilize elbows, knees, and throws. Weapons and grappling skills are also included within our art to create a well-rounded practitioner.

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Bart Berner, Guru and Founder

Warrior Silat in Springfield was developed by Guru Bart Berner after studying 18 years of Silat Bukti Negara, 3 years of Silat Serak, 2 years of Tae Kwon Do, and also training in Kali, MMA, Grappling, and Kung Fu. Warrior Silat was created from the knowledge of all of these arts.  Bart spends a great deal of time with his loving and active family. He enjoys the outdoors, all things martial arts and self-defense related. 

Jeremy Denney, Guru Muda

The title of Guru Muda translates to "little teacher" and refers to an apprentice instructor. Anyone that has met Jeremy, knows that he is anything but little. Jeremy does everything big. He brings martial arts experience from Bukti Negara and Kempo to our class. Jeremy assists in bringing life into Warrior Silat through his marketing skills and exuberance. 

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We're excited to be working with Elite Sports and Born Tough to try out their products! We will come up with a review post once the product testing is done Keep an eye out for these updates.


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