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Warrior Silat Martial Arts

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Warrior Silat Martial Arts in Springfield, Ohio is offering the community to come in and try out 2 FREE classes or 2 FREE private lessons. Silat is about defending yourself in a close combative situation. We offer martial arts for kids and martial arts for adults. Our style of martial arts is perfect for all ages!  Fill out the form to learn more about how you or your child can learn to protect themselves!

What are the benefits of martial arts?

Silat is a very popular form of self-defense in Springfield these days, and it is no surprise. The modern martial art style was developed in Indonesia (a country with a well-deserved reputation for fighting arts), but has become popular around the world for its combination of physical fitness and self-defense training.

Truly, this type of martial art offers much more than just physical benefits — it greatly improves confidence and discipline as well. Many families in Springfield have started taking up Silat because they understand the benefits it offers to their children (and their families).

Silat offers both children and adults alike the opportunity to hone their coordination, balance and flexibility. In terms of self-defense, this style offers many techniques that can be used against someone who is bigger or stronger than you.

However, Silat does not rely on brute strength — its focus is on using quick movements and precise strikes to disable your opponent quickly. The methods are effective, even if you are small or relatively weak. This makes Silat an excellent choice for children — as long as they have trained properly from the beginning.

Improve your Self-defense

Warrior Silat Martial Arts is the best place to learn silat in Springfield, silat in Dayton, and silat in Columbus. We are also the best martial arts in Springfield. Here at Warrior Silat Martial Arts, we want to offer you the highest quality martial arts instruction available. Our classes will challenge you physically, mentally, and emotionally while offering an amazing workout. Silat is a great way to stay fit and healthy while also learning self-defense skills that could one day save your life!

Martial Arts in Springfield

2 Free Classes or Private LEssons

Kids martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts in Springfield

Warrior Silat’s kids martial arts classes is a great way for children to learn self-defense and develop character. Our program is designed to help your child increase focus, confidence, coordination, and respect. Because of this, our curriculum uses Silat to teach your child self-defense and character development. With some training, your child will be better equipped to recognize and avoid danger. Warrior Silat is one of the only martial arts in Springfield that offers self-defense training.

When it comes to your children, safety is a top priority. For this reason, you want to enroll them in martial arts classes such as Warrior Silat. By learning how to defend themselves, children can avoid dangerous situations and learn how to react when someone tries to harm them. Give your child a head start on life by signing up for our free introductory class above!

Adult Martial Arts

Adult Martial Arts in Springfield

Our adult martial arts classes are designed to instill confidence in self-defense skills so that you can defend yourself and your family. For instance, our curriculum allows all skill levels to be able to join the class and be successful. These classes are fun, empowering, and provide an awesome workout for adults. 

Most people join a Martial Arts class because they want to learn self-defense techniques. They want to be able to protect themselves and their loved ones from danger. Whether someone is an adult or a child, being able to defend yourself is necessary in today’s world. Our professional instructors are experienced and have the knowledge to assist you with every step of your martial arts journey. Martial Arts in Springfield will help the community grow and respect everyone.

important things

Our youth class typically starts at the age of 5 and then we welcome any and all ages to our adult class! We are a very welcoming community and are perfect for beginners and intermediate martial artist!

For your first class just bring workout atire and thats it! After you sign up we will provide the equipment.

Nope! For you first two classes they are completely FREE! or you could also do two FREE private lesson if you or your child wants to learn more about the moves first!

We are located in Springfield at 1058 Upper valley pike.

Our seminar consists of a brief introduction to the art, and a series of drills that involve weapons training. This is not only a fun time, but it will also serve as a great way to train yourself in case you ever meet a person who uses bladed weapons in an attempt to harm you. We make sure to actually show you how to block such attacks with our techniques.

This is a limited-time offer and we would love to have you come in for 2 FREE classes or 2 FREE lessons! If you or your child wants to learn how to defend themselves then this is a perfect opportunity!

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1058 Upper Valley Pike,

Springfield, Ohio 45504


In this video Bart Berner, Founder/Head Instructor, gives a brief intro of Warrior Silat and his passion to help the community grow through the mental and physical benefits that martial arts offer!



Warrior Silat is thankful for all of the wonderful reviews given to us by community members. We are rated 5 out of 5 stars on Facebook and Google.

Warrior Silat martial arts in Springfield has been an absolutely wonderful experience for our family. the price Is unbeatable and the teachers are incredibly skilled in their craft. 100% would recommend checking them out.

Angela B.

Springfield, Ohio

Warrior Silat in Springfield is fabulous. Makes me happy and proud to be apart of the family.

Tim G.

Springfield, Ohio

Warrior Silat is absolutely wonderful!! We love this place and their fantastic teaching. Our kids are learning so much about respect and self control. The instructors are no nonsense and really have a heart for what they do. This is a great martial art in springfield We shopped around for a while and decided the price was unbeatable, and all of the positive comments couldn't be wrong. I'm so glad we are with Warrior Silat!!!

Michelle B.

Springfield, Ohio

Bart Berner is one of the best instructors I have ever met. I highly recommend him and his school!

Christopher B.

Springfield, Ohio


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