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Martial Arts Benefits


The martial arts is a great way to build self-confidence and learn how fight back in the event that you are being harassed or assaulted. We always focus on common sense before self-defense


Martial arts are great for developing self-control and discipline. They teach kids to focus on the task at hand, which is perfect in any situation where you need your full attention!


Martial Arts helps boost self-esteem as they are recognized for their hard work, making them more confident in the future and increasing how much progress you can make with consistency.


Respect is the core of martial arts. All students must learn and perform both on or off the mat with it, for instructors as well as opponents at competitions; every person deserves our respect!

Rated 5 Stars

Enrolling my son into Martial arts has been the best thing for him. My son went from playing the Xbox to engaging with other kids. What I love about his Monday and Wednesday classes is the mat talk at the end. They are teaching my son real life skills. How to listen to communicate with others. Before he attended here I was his only male role model. Now he has 4 other solid men mentoring him. They treat you like family here. My name is Billy Hall and my son loves and looks forward to is time learning with his new family.
Billy Hall
Guru Bart was made for teaching, he has a great energy, patience and a way to explain details that helps your learning. My classmates are very kind and help me grow as a person and as a martial artist, I can call them now my friends. Everytime I go there I have fun, I can call Warrior Silat my safe and happy place. For people older than 30, like me, Silat Martial Arts is soft with your knees and ankles, I used to practice a different MA before and I don't have joint pain anymore.
Sara Narvaez