Kids Martial Arts

The Best Martial Arts For Kids in Springfield

Why Choose Warrior Silat?

Feel Confident

Warrior Silat's Kids Martial Arts program is a unique and exciting martial arts program for children, providing them with the skills and confidence to succeed in life

Family Friendly

In its short life, our program has already received rave reviews from parents and kids alike, making it easy for us to claim that we have the best martial arts program available for kids!

Perfect for beginners

Our Kids Martial Arts is an exciting and fun martial arts program that uses the ancient Silat teachings using practical methods for self-defense - designed for kids to learn discipline, self-confidence, fitness and mental defense - without being too hard or violent.

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Martial Arts for Kids

Improving Focus

Warrior Silat provides a structured and disciplined environment that improves focus with martial arts for kids.  In time, your child should demonstrate better listening skills and attention.  Focus is an important life skill that leads to higher success rates in almost all activities, particularly school work.

Martial Arts for kids

Teaching Respect

Discipline helps youth to respect others.  It is also important that they understand why they should respect others.  The martial arts for kids curriculum engrains the understanding of respect, especially for parents and authority figures.  Self-respect is attained by understanding personal worth, which in turn builds self-confidence.

Martial Arts For Kids

Creating Safer Kids

Safety isn’t accidental. Kids need practice at awareness. Kids need verbal skills to deal with bullies.  Kids need to know where to draw the line when dealing with strangers.  Kids need to understand the importance of self-defense and more importantly common sense!

What to Expect

Your child will learn self-defense skills in each class. Classes include physical exercise, which will increase your child’s physical strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Each one-hour class has time set aside for meditation and a mat chat. During mat chat, we impart wisdom and expectations to your child regarding values, discipline, safety, and other topics. The kid’s martial arts class ranges from 6 to 14 years old.

Once they are older than 14 they will transition over to our adult martial arts program.
Martial Arts for Kids
Kid Martial Arts
Martial Arts for kids
Kids Martial Arts

Silat is an Indonesian martial art that has evolved over the centuries. Practitioners share a history and culture, which means there is no single, canonical silat style. Silat does, however, have several common traits, including a heavy emphasis on bladed weapon use and defense, strikes, joint manipulation, and evasion. Silat is a perfect tool for self-Defense! 


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