5 Best Martial Arts for Kids to learn in Springfield

Children martial arts instructors in Springfield use different styles which makes it hard to choose the right one for your child. There are hundreds of martial arts in Springfield. Each with its own styles, benefits, and history. So I’ve attempted to simplify the research for you with this list below. The best martial arts for kids to learn in Springfield are Silat, Krav maga, karate, tae kwon do, and jiu-jitsu.

Warrior Silat Martial Arts for Children

Silat is a very popular form of self-defense in Springfield these days, and it is no surprise. The modern martial art style was developed in Indonesia (a country with a well-deserved reputation for fighting arts), but has become popular around the world for its combination of physical fitness and self-defense training.

Truly, this type of martial art offers much more than just physical benefits — it greatly improves confidence and discipline as well and other life skills. Many families in Springfield martial artists have started taking up Silat because they understand the benefits it offers to their children (and their families).

Silat offers both children and adults alike the opportunity to hone their coordination, balance, and flexibility. In terms of self-defense, this style offers many techniques that can be used against someone who is bigger or stronger than you.

However, Silat does not rely on brute strength — its focus is on using quick movements and precise strikes to disable your opponent quickly. It also helps teach children other self-defense knowledge like stranger danger The methods are effective, even if you are small or relatively weak. This makes Silat an excellent choice for children — as long as they have trained properly from the beginning. Warrior Silat Martial arts is a great option for kids martial arts classes.

Krav Maga

krav maga is an israelian form of martial arts that teaches hand-to-hand combat. The students learn defense tactics that include close quarter battle, confrontation control, and restraint, edged weapons, impact weapons, multiple attackers, ground fighting, and wrestling. Krav Maga has been adopted by the Israeli Mossad and Yamam (counter-terror units) as well as the Security Forces of various British police authorities, most notably the London Metropolitan Police Service aka Scotland Yard.


One of the things that sets karate apart from other martial arts styles is tournament-style training. Students at many traditional karate schools are taught to perform their techniques in front of judges in order to win points in competition against other schools. This can be a good thing for students who want to compete in tournaments, as it teaches them focus and discipline and how to show off their skills to judges, but some people prefer no-tournament styles because they focus more on practical self-defense moves.


Taekwondo is a great martial art to learn. They are typically a more competitive martial art which can be good for kids who need a little extra motivation and direction. Taekwondo is not traditionally a very good martial art to learn self-defense with. Usually, they practice tournament-style fighting which involves never practicing striking someone in the head. This is bad for self-defense because you will develop habits that might get you hurt or killed when faced with an aggressive attacker.

A lot of taekwondo schools use techniques that are not practical for self-defense such as spinning kicks or jumping kicks. If you want to learn to fight, I would recommend learning Silat instead of Taekwondo. It is better for self-defense and does not involve a lot of fancy moves that may get you hurt if you ever need to use it.

Brazilian jiu jitsu

The jiu-jitsu technique was originally developed for unarmed combat, but now includes weapons training as well. It consists of more than just strikes and holds. You will learn how to use the strength of your opponent against him. Jiu-jitsu doesn’t teach students to attack aggressively as karate does; instead, jiu-jitsu black belts emphasize using control to de-escalate a potentially dangerous situation without doing damage or becoming injured yourself.


Many schools of martial arts in Springfield Ohio are good. They all teach their students self-defense but they do it differently. Some focus on sports competition and others focus on self-defense and real-life situations. Before you enroll in any school of martial arts, you have to know why you are interested in learning martial arts.

If it’s for self-defense then Silat is your best choice if you are in the Springfield area. Silat will teach you skills that can save your life one day. If it’s for fitness, full body workout, or tournament style fighting there are other martial arts classes available like taekwondo, kung fu, and karate.

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