Warrior Silat August Newsletter

What’s new at Warrior Silat

Pretty much everything!  New School, New Mats, New Look.  Come check it out.  And if you are looking for an excuse to come see us….

Grand Opening Party

Our Grand opening Party is August 22nd beginning at 1:30.  We will have demonstrations, promotions, and cookies, plus, some time to socialize.  We hope to see you there. Let us know your coming to the event by clicking below!



Thank you

With the grand opening coming up, I would be remiss if I did not thank all the people that helped out with this project.  Many of you have contributed your time and support in an effort to make our school a success.  Thank you so much.  I would particularly like to say thanks to Jeremy, Andres, and Sara for the time they have put in at the school and Charles for his work in marketing.  And I would especially like to thank Khloe and Amy.  Khloe has spent many hours working at the school.  Amy has been exceedingly supportive in this project and I have enjoyed working with her more than she even knows.

Student Spotlight


We will be doing  “student spotlights” each month, so that we can recognize and appreciate the efforts of our students.  This month we will be interviewing Julianna Caivano and Andrew Althouse.  Look for their interviews on Facebook.

Martial Arts in Springfield

Grand Opening Special

We are currently running a special of $95 per month for classes.  This special will only last a short time, so if you have any friends you want to get involved at the school, now is a great time.  To go along with this…

Referral Program

We will have an ongoing program in which you will receive a month’s free tuition if your referral signs up for classes.  We appreciate you sharing Silat with your friends and family!

Parent Night Out

We are putting a plan in place to have a Parent’s Night Out each month.  The current plan would be to have parents drop their kids off at the school.  The kids would watch a movie, eat a meal, and participate in activities while the parents had about 3 hours to have a date night.  Cost would be around $15 per child.  Please let Charles or Bart know if you would be interested. 

Kids Martial Arts

Mat Chat Topic

 We typically have a Mat Chat topic for each month.  Recent Mat Chats have included respect and focus, as well as our ongoing discussion of the proper use of martial arts and how to deal with strangers using No, Go, Yell, Tell.  This month’s Mat Chat topic is “Finishing Strong”.  “Finishing Strong” is about focusing at the end of your activity or project.  Youth (and adults) have a tendency to trail off focus at the end of their activity.  In self-defense, this lack of focus can lead to assuming you are safe, when in truth you are not.  In school work, lack of finishing strong can be the difference between passing and failing.  Sometimes the lack of finishing strong can be a danger to health, such as when a person is finishing up a project involving power tools.  In Warrior Silat, this can often be seen at the end of djurus when the student loses focus and does not end in a strong stance or is sloppy in the last couple moves.  As simple as it may seem, we are developing the habit of finishing strong when we are correcting this action.

Upcoming Events

Grand Opening Party             Sunday, August 22nd at 1:30


Picnic at the Pond                   Sunday, September 19th from 5-?        Bring your fishing poles

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