Kids Martial Arts classes in Springfield – Goals and Benefits

Warrior Silat kid’s martial arts class has four main goals:

Improve focus

Teach self-respect and respect of others

Improve athletic ability

Create safe kids

Improved Focus

Warrior Silat provides a structured and disciplined environment that improves focus.  In time, your child should demonstrate better listening skills and attention.  Focus is an important life skill that leads to higher success rated in almost all activities, particularly school work.


Teach your Child to Respect Themselves and Others

Discipline helps youth to respect others.  It is also important that they understand why they should respect others.  The Kid’s martial arts curriculum engrains the understanding of respect, especially for parents and authority figures.  Self-respect is attained by understanding personal worth, which in turn builds self-confidence.


Improve Athletic Ability

Exercises within the youth martial arts classes improve functional strength, core strength, balance, and flexibility.  All of these result in a happier, healthier child.

Create Safe Kids

Safety isn’t accidental.  Kids need practice at awareness.  Kids need verbal skills to deal with bullies.  Kids need to know where to draw the line when dealing with strangers.  Kids need to understand inappropriate touching and what to do about it.  All of these topics are an important part of Warrior Silat

If, as a parent, you believe these goals are important for your child to attain, Warrior Silat may be the place for your child.  Click here to take advantage of one free introductory class!

Be Safe; Live Fierce

Guru Bart

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